Cal Poly Humboldt

Our Staff

Each session (AM and PM)  has a Head Teacher and an Assistant Head Teacher who work with the children every day. The Head Teachers hold a Bachelors Degree or higher in an appropriate major, have experience working with children and meet the California State requirements for a Child Development Permit at the Site Supervisor level. They also exceed the national requirements for Head Teachers as established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The Assistant Head Teachers are advanced Humboldt students who have prior supervised experience teaching preschool children; they meet or exceed the California State requirements for a Child Development Permit at the Assistant Teacher level and meet that NAEYC standards at this level as well.  Working in the classroom with the teachers are students currently talking classes in Child Development. These students are supervised by the Lab teachers and by University faculty members who are generally present in the observation booth during each session.

The classroom teams are supported by the CDL Team which is composed of the CDL teachers, the Program Leader, and the faculty supervisors. These team meets frequently to discuss on-going work and guide policy and decision-making for the CDL. The Program Leader reports to the Child Development department to ensure that there is consistency of perspective and practices between the department and the CDL.

We are fortunate to have many adults and a wealth of experience with children available to support children’s needs. Even if you do not see all of us, we are all sharing our insights with one another and working together support a vibrant learning community for children, students, teachers and families.