Humboldt State University

Child Development

Minor in American Sign Language & Special Populations

The American Sign Language and Special Popultions Minor is designed to assist individuals who wish to work with the deaf or hard of hearing and/or children with special needs. Individuals will find the minor useful if they seek employment as early interventionists, family service providers, teachers of special education, teachers of the hard of hearing or deaf, or teachers of children with language delays.The minor is designed to help prepare students to work in an entry-level postion with children and families that use American Sign Language as a means of communication or who might benefit from using signed speech in combination with verbal communication. The minor provides the students with background in child development, language acquistion, American Sign Language, life and culture of the deaf and hard of hearing communities, and experiences of families with children with special needs.

Requirements for the minor:

Students must complete a total of 19 units as described below.

Childrens Growth & Development (one 3-unit course)

CD 253 (3) Prenatal and Infant Development OR

CD 255 (3) Early Childhood Development OR

CD 209 (3) Middle Childhood Development OR

CD 350 (3) Perspectives: Life-Span Development

American Sign Language (6 units)

CD 109Y (3) American Sign Language I* AND

CD 109Z (3) American Sign Language II

Language Acquistion (3 units)

CD 355 (3) Language Development

Special Needs Populations (7 units)

CD 366 (3) Exceptional Children and their Families AND

COMM 322 (4) Intercultural Communication OR

COMM 324 (4) Nonverbal Communication

*Students with extensive prior experience using ASL may take the challenge exam to complete CD 109Y. Challenge process requires students to inform instructor of desire to challenge and take exam within the first two weeks of the semester. Students should not enroll in the course they wish to challenge. The student must earn a 70% or greater on the challenge exam to earn a credit in CD 109Y and before proceeding to CD 109Z.


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