Humboldt State University

Vivian A. Mayorga

Class of: 

"I am a Literacy Program Assistant for a literacy intervention program at LAUSD. I work with TK -3rd students, especially with those who need extra support. I teach individualized lesson plans and monitor the progress to assess the areas of further assistance.
The child development program at HSU was truly the best decision I ever made. It took one child development class to become a CD major. I learned a lot from my instructions and peers. The class size was small enough for you to interact and get to know everyone. The faculty and staff have always been so welcoming and caring for the students in their program. If you need help, they will go out of their way to do so. They are very understanding of everyone’s situation. I don’t think I would have had that experience anywhere else. The knowledge I gained from this program really helped me to become the educator I am today. I am truly grateful to have been part of this program and had the privilege to work with such amazing people."